July 23rd, 2007

Bouncement Too!

Have I mentioned yet how utterly enthuuuuused I am about this thing weh’s happenin this Sat’day night?

A Beat Research tradition inaugurated by Ghislain Poirier, DJ C, and DJ Flack this spring, the next party in the series has been co-conspired w/ that Basstown bwoy, Daviday. Together we’re bringin (back home) none other than the mighty DJ /rupture, who readers of this blog no doubt know well.

I’d say it’ll be an honor to warm up the decks, but unlike the 3-table-rockin /rupture, I’m totally a digital dude, so let’s just say it’ll be an honor to warm up the room. (I plan to bring some heat, yup.) Of course, I’ll have plenty of help in Flack and Baltimoroder — two of the funkiest, agilest, genre-jumpin DJs in this here town — not to mention Mr.Day, who’s been workin to Make It New for Other Music here for a while. And did I note that there’ll be live video mixing to boot? Mmyep. Stepping into the large shoes of Señor Zebbler (who will be making mayhem in Alaska instead) are two of his Glitchy associates, Bonk & Zyler. (More.)

What more can i say? It’s gonna be BIG like that. Prepare to bounce —



DJ /rupture (Decks n EFX)
Wayne and Wax (Beats and Rhymes)
Baltimoroder (DJ Set)
w/ DJ Flack (DJ Set)
& Daviday (DJ Set)
Visuals by Bonk & Zyler

@ Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134
MBTA Access: Harvard Ave. Green Line “B”
Saturday July 28th, 2007 9pm-2am 21+



I'm a techno-musicologist, internet annotator, imagined community organizer.

I left my <3 in the digital global, but I reside in Cambridge, MA, where I'm from.

I represent like that.

wayne at wayneandwax dot com

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