April 20 - Easter Dinner

Kingston is the quietest I've ever heard it today. Absolutely everything is closed for Easter and there is barely a car on the road. We've spent the day in doing our work and relaxing (not that we had much choice anyway). At about midday we decided to cook an Easter dinner of sorts. We've been learning to make all sorts of dishes using staple Jamaican ingredients like scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, curry, coconut, plaintains, ginger, chicken, jerk, ackee, callalloo, etc. Today we cooked our best ever curry chick peas (which is not, so far as I know, a Jamaican dish--we just made it up as best we could.) And of course we had the traditional Easter bun and cheese. We took a couple of pictures of our feast so you could see just what Easter bun and cheese actually is and could also be impressed by our chick pea cooking exploits.

Wayne and I have been learning to cook and experimenting with new dishes since last summer. We're getting better and better at it and beginning to feel a little bit like grown-ups, in a playing house sort of a way. Our Jamaican-influence dishes are by far the best. Anyway, we thought maybe we'd start keeping track of our recipes. (I noticed that Trisha, Wayne's mom--who happens to be the best cook we know--has her recipes on index cards and paper. So I think it must be a good idea.) But, being us, we figured we'd do it online in case anyone else might also be interested. Here's the first installment: Curry Chick Peas.