Andrew and Ned Scannell came to visit and we went all over. Here are some pics.

The breathtaking beach at Time n' Place in Falmouth
Andrew enjoying it.

<= The view from inside the Time 'n Place grounds

Our wood cabin at Time 'n Place =>

<= The view from inside our cabin

The inside of our cabin =>

Wayne posing in the owner's fake dred hat.
Boston Jerk

<= Kush posing on his property in Exchange


Kush at Irie Beach =>

More of Kush on his property.

<= Kush and Becca at Irie Beach

Irie Beach =>

More Irie Beach
More Irie Beach
Can't get enough Irie Beach
Lime Cay, Kingston
nice water

<= Andrew declares himself leader


Ned is amused =>

<= Ned distracts Andrew


Wayne makes his move =>

Things get ugly =>

<= The rulers make peace


Ned attends to more important matters =>

<= Port Royal ferry pier


Andrew and Wayne enjoy the view from the ferry =>

<= Pelican chills out


Wayne and Andrew chill out =>

<= A scow and a container ship pass us on the horizon


Check out the sunset =>

Who says Kingston isn't beautiful
Getting nostalgic already