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¿Que Fue?

That review of the new Tego album in the Phoenix that I’ve been telling y’all about has finally seen the light of day. You can find it in the digital fishwrap here, but I’m going to go with my standard practice of reprinting the original on this humble blog since inevitably a word or two […]

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Journalism & Criticism

Articles “Ariana Grande Was Accused of Copying ‘7 Rings,’ Again and Again … and Again.” New York Magazine / Vulture, 1 April 2019. “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ‘Despacito.’” Vulture, 22 August 2017. “Get on the Good Foot.” The Wire, December 2016. “The Freedom of Dutch Bubbling.” The Wire, December 2014. “Digital Rhythm: […]

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Our Book! Reggaeton. With Raquel Z. Rivera & Deborah Pacini Hernandez. Durham: Duke University Press, 2009. Articles “Ragtime Country: Rhythmically Recovering Country’s Black Heritage.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 32, no. 2 (2020): 50-62. “Social Dance in the Age of (Anti-)Social Media: Fortnite, Online Video, and the Jook at a Virtual Crossroads.” Journal of Popular […]

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