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January 13th, 2012

& Found! (But Still a Little Lost)

Not long after my last post went public, a savvy searcher quickly proved that what I thought was fairly ungooglable (at least without knowing Arabic) was, in fact, waiting for me on eBay. And beyond simply locating & IDing the music/CD in question, this kind commenter hit Arabkidsmusic paydirt.

First, I want to take back my description of the CD itself (pictured here) as “clutterred”; scans of the jewelcase reveal heretofore unimagined photoshop riches–

And the seller pointed to other visually alluring CDs that I now want to hear, including one clearly ‘shopped by the same artiste —

And one which departs significantly in visual style, but is no less tempting —

Plus, the seller decorates with nifty gifs to boot —

Taken altogether, even with my lack of Arabic, I find the whole ensemble to offer a rather fascinating snapshot of some of the various and sundry artifacts gathered around music culture today.

But the best part of all is that it turns out, not too surprisingly, that the tracks I shared yesterday are fairly popular songs by Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram, who — though we must keep in mind that its a bot’s list — has a YouTube channel with 13,000+ videos on it.

I’m not too surprised to learn it was Lebanese, since Boston and Cambridge and especially neighboring Watertown have a relatively large Lebanese (and more generally, Armenian-via-other-places) community. This is why we are so fortunately rich in hummus and other goodies. (Hands down, IMO, Eastern Lamejun beats any other hummus in the Greater Boston area, but I digress…)

The songs I posted yesterday appear, in the same “medley” fashion, in a rather fantastic (and apparently “big budget”) video, which the eBay site links to as a “preview.” They were released in 2007 on an album for kids after Ajram “discovered,” according to the Wiki page, that young people were a substantial part of her audience.

Here’s the must-see video, which, if the beginning gets too cutesy-pedantic you might fast-fwd to 1:20 or so to see Ajram-as-Tinkerbell descending into a city of children-dressed-like-adults:

My daughters, incidentally, really enjoyed this — the visuals as well as the music, though I have to admit I liked it a bit more when I could imagine reggaetoneros in the mix.

At any rate, while perusing the Wikipedia page for Shakhbat Shakhabit, I was slightly surprised to see what seemed like an obvious bit of moralist editorial —

The album & video were the most notable and successful work for children at the time, following a huge wave of works directed to children. The reason for this could be the fact that it was purely meant for children, unlike children works by other singers that included sexual content for adults.

This didn’t seem surprising, exactly. There’s plenty of oddly salacious stuff that gets marketed to children (and their parents) in the US too, of course. Still, “sexual content” seemed a bit strong. But then, in my ensuing random walk (or rabbithole spelunk) on YouTube, I turned up a few things that, in the immortal words of Arsenio Hall (or Freedom Williams), make you say hmmmm, e.g.–

But there’s a lot of fun stuff to be seen too — and lots of songs about telephones maybe? — such as the following, which is awesomely jarring in its treble-culturized teeveediation, but also depicts a roomful of kids having a lot of fun dancing to some classic rhythms:

Anyway, I’ll stop there for now & leave you to your own funky spelunks, but I’m glad to solve this mystery — thx mystery commenter! — and to have found another YouTube musical wormhole to wiggle through.


January 11th, 2012

Found & Lost

actual colors depicted

We found the CD above a few blocks from home as we were walking up Concord Ave last month. It was badly scratched, probably the reason for its unceremonious discard — and no doubt compounded by however long it had been kicking it by the curb. All the same, it was awfully alluring. I immediately twitpic’d it, tweeting to g0d that it might play, and stuck it in my pocket.

Back home, I couldn’t get much further than the second track (though, notably, it fared better in my car system than my computer), but fortunately Track 1 was a whopping 15 minutes and several songs long. The contents, though still pretty mysterious to me, are about as awesome as I had imagined they might be, considering the crazed white baby, intense pink, and unauthorized Tinkerbell cluttering the cover.

Appropriately, the opening is epic. I keep wanting it to break into an 808 State jam, and I keep wishing I had an inkling of what they were saying. Since the first two songs really run together, this first chunk I’m sharing is a good 8+ minutes:

At about 8:30 into Track 1, there’s an amazingly reggaetony riff and vocal (which I’m sorely tempted to sample), but from there, rhythmically-speaking anyway, the track heads more into saidi than dembow territory:

Finally, just before the CD crapped out, it offered up one of the funkiest versions of happy birthday I’ve ever heard —

I can only really approach this at a fairly superficial level of sound & image, sorry to say, since I can’t read or understand the language at all. Any help with that, or with finding other (and less scratched) recordings like this one would be much appreciated. Decent kids cocktail is hard to come by these days!

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April 14th, 2011

I Believe That Children Are Our Future

And these videos give me hope that the future will be groovy, at the least —

(h/t @Chrysaora on both of these, I think)

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March 24th, 2011

2 Años Con Charlie!

Happy birthday, bug —

bugged-out buggles
apples & hummus
charlie cap
om =)
american gothics
classic lil kiss
charlie mustard
charlie dots
me & charlie & lobsta
charlie in red
charlie dip
charlie buggles the laundry
charlie scopes out the mobile #
charlie looks out the window
foot in hand, bottle in mouth
babe & babe
hugs from dad
my three girls
me & charlie

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January 18th, 2011

She’s Three!?

How time flies, even as it inches along —

January 17, 2008

nesson-marshall - 0012

January 17, 2009

nesson-marshall - 1066

January 17. 2010


January 17, 2011


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July 13th, 2010

Cow and Then

nico & cows


February 21st, 2010

Harmonico b/w Charlie Dip

charlie dip


January 21st, 2010

Dubby Sounds for Baby

Not only do Flack and I share a penchant for experimental party music, we also share the experience of being dads to two young kids — in his case, twins!

Of course, I’ve given lots of thought to seeking sounds for babies, and I’ve been meaning to make a mix of my own reflecting some of the music that seems to soothe the girls (and their folks) when we’re chillin at home. But Flack has actually gone and delivered, throwing together some Dubby Sounds for Baby, including lots of tasty tunes, big basslines, and even some mashed up Raymond Scott (something we also have in common). Go on & grab it; fine for adults too!

(more kiddy mixxage?)

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January 18th, 2010

And a Two


It’s a little hard to believe, despite having lived thru 24/7/365X2, but yesterday was Nico’s second birthday! Our walking, talking little girl is no longer a baby, by a long shot. But she continues to delight and surprise. Here’s a recent video of us playing on either side of my iPhone —

One of these days we’ll figure out how to turn the camera around the proper way; meantime, fun rules.


December 13th, 2009

Ain’t No Halfsteppin

Astoundingly, a full four months earlier than her sister did, Charlie has started walking — basically skipping the crawl, or scoot, altogether

In response, Nico has gone incognito, posing as the matriarch of a local panda clan

panda panda

We could hardly feel prouder

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November 29th, 2009

Autumn 09 Adventures

About to turn the corner on fall/winter, so allow me to remember my favorite season of the year with some choice moments made immortal (as the Internet). Longer time since my last, so a few more flicks than usual. Got a post devoted to Mexico to follow pronto. Here, a fair amount of family fare. All totally “safe” for “work” —

across the pond
free slow
my lunch
nico painting #
sitting in the stroller, inman sq
charlie dots
neeks, boots, and leaves
crazy colored crapapple
layers of winey sediment
autumn sky
lusophone hardware
on my way
bear & balloon by becca
I will not make any more boring graffiti.
light thru leaves #2of3
kingdom in red
charlie <3

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