December 19th, 2006

And Bring It Right Here

Too late with the figgy pudding, the gingerbread man got what was coming to him

Speaking of getting what’s coming…

  • Climate scientist Ben Zaitchik (disclosure: my college roommate), who knows a thing or two about global warming, describes and debunks what he calls “The Negligents” — and probably goes way too easy on Michael “Creep” Crichton, never mind the invaluable, tax-supported “research” being conducted by our gubberment.
  • Sociologist Orlando Patterson (disclosure: a member of my committee), who knows a thing or two about freedom, has an op-ed in today’s NYT explaining why the Bush administration and their “neo-liberal (a/k/a neo-conservative)” pushers have pursued a deeply misguided goal in the ME. Unfortunately, the gray lady is hiding the piece behind its Select® wall, so you’ll (prolly) have to read it some other way.
  • Finally, tho in a v diff way, Cella deserves what’s coming — ie, some praise — for the fine mixes, spanning the whirls of minimaal and futuragga. (thx for the tip, rip — &nice interview!)


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