That Saying About Glass Houses

Interestingly, this would have never happened on my blog, I don’t think. Score one for Google Buzz.

& thx to all for playing along, including Paul himself.

14 thoughts on “That Saying About Glass Houses

  1. Man, I want to get into that Buzz action! I used up my Gmail account for some useless shizz about a year ago, and I can’t be bothered switching google accounts all the time, so I’m out for now. :(

  2. That’s hilarious/ridiculous, Birdseed! Why not just delete all that shizz and keep it going? Anyway, the last thing we need is another curmudgeon in the corner ;O

  3. we were all crackin jokes about this during bok bok’s ustream last nite – ustream is like the locker room for dj’s i swear to god

  4. I can’t! Even though I deleted the account within days (I never actually used it, it was meant for entries in a competition), I’m now no longer allowed to register as anything other than “counterglowlwp”. :-/

  5. This is some real deep PhDj shit kids! Ha haa. I don’t know whose brain’s bigger anymore. I was voting Wayne until Paul dropped the auto comment translator ap! I once saw Mr. Miller give a long pre-set quasi postmodernist lecture back at the MFA show with Flack and C and I was all like, “whoa…did dude get blazed and make a word collage out of some Lacan and Henry Louis Gates?” Big points for playin’ along in public tho dude!

  6. “whoa…did dude get blazed and make a word collage out of some Lacan and Henry Louis Gates?”

    bahhahahahahah pace


    killing it.

  7. I deleted Buzz after getting into a heated discussion with one of your contacts. It just felt so RUDE to me, to argue with someone I had yet to be introduced to in what feels like a private forum.

  8. @nina, I’m sorry to hear that. I like to think that generally the w&w-facilitated networked public is a fairly civil space. I’m glad that you bring this up because as fun/ny as the Spooky kerfuffle has been, it’s also hard to come away from it without feeling both silly and small (even as the internetz-crowned victor). These public/private questions are increasingly vexing and the degree to which people feel free flaming folks they’ve never met is pretty astounding sometimes. Of course, Paul is different as both a public figure and as someone with whom lots of my peoples have had actual interpersonal contact. But despite my celebratory tone here, I want to underscore that I too am given pause by the whole affair.

  9. Oh no Wayne, it was MY perceived rudeness and the potential rudeness of my friends that gave me pause. In an open space like this, it is expected that your fellow,um, combatants, may be strangers. In Buzz it would be my friends and contacts unexpectedly meeting my other friends and contacts and waging war. I did not want to violate anyone’s space nor did I want to create a space where my friends were unexpectedly confronted with strangers and unpleasantly engaged.

    I’m generally civil, but in my private little sphere its a safe space where we fight with no gloves and few rules and it ain’t pretty. But we know one another and have a certain level of trust and camaraderie established. But no one gets to enter Fight Club without knowing the rules of Fight Club and the other members- someone might get hurt!

    NONE of this was a criticism of you or any of this, just me mentioning that I kinda bailed on Buzz (cuz I was a contact and I STILL see you down at the bottom of my page when doing random Googling) when I realized the potential for ME to offend was pretty damned high.

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