50 Cent Action Hero

It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?                                                                                           -Sun Ra

linkthink #6248: Tudo o Que Preciso

Beat Diaspora: Beats, Buses, Bricks: Unlabeled: The Anonymous as Exotic in Presenting Proibidão greg scruggs examines the exotic-as-anonymous approach wrt “baile funk” c/o diplo & sublime frequencies (tags: funkcarioca rio brazil sublimefrequencies diplo representation rule#4080 critique academic blogpost) The Tecnobrega Business Model arising from Belém do Pará .: banco de cultura :. from ronaldo lemos

linkthink #7402: Like, Totally Obliterated

Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’ – New York Times “The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.” (tags: US prison stats nyt) Globalization or Zoo-Like Exploitation? Slum Tours on the Rise at Racialicious – the intersection of race and

ROFLconnoisseurship, aka LOLology

Internet meme scholar and steward that I fancy myself, I regret I’ll have to miss this weekend’s promising ROFLcon here in Cambridge since I’m due in Iowa City at another conference (and, I’m afraid, one which will leave me rolling on the floor laughing not nearly as much). Wish I coulda joined Kevin to talk

linkthink #533: Lobbyist Edition

Overprogrammed for Being There :: Stop Smiling Magazine dave tompkins waxes davetompkinsesque on “some good ole watch-the-fuck-out futuristic shit.” (tags: hip-hop writing newcleus electro tech future afrofuturism) Birdseed’s Tunedown: The Melbourne Shuffle another tubedance phenom — malaysian hardstyle runningman via australia via belgium?! (tags: dance video malasia asia global rave australia youtube blogpost EDM techno)

linkthink #14294: Strategeric Communications

MySpace.com – ScaryÉire – IE – Hip Hop / Other – www.myspace.com/scaryeire “Hold Tight remix” = yet another zunguzung riff (around 1:30), this time from a mid-90s recording by an irish hip-hop group :: thx to a student @ Brandeis for spotting it ! (tags: ireland hip-hop zunguzung madmad myspace) CIRP Stations :: Caribbean Internet

Nico Concreto (0-3 Months)

Today marks 3 months since Nico joined us in the post-womb world. It’s been a really wonderful time. And I mean that — filled with wonder. Seeing and hearing her learn to interact with the people and things around her has been totally fascinating. The arrival of smiles, focused eyes, a strong neck (keep keepin

linkthink #8: Funky Digitalia

zSHARE – dj_green_lantern-we_need_barack_feat._mavado_and_barack_obama.mp3 mavado makes a dubplate for obama :: big chune!! (tags: dancehall reggae dubplate mavado obama election08 US mp3) MASALA: A Statement About Kuduro: An Angolan Point of View interesting thoughts about kuduro (and its circulation abroad) from an angolan perspective (tags: kuduro angola africa europe DJ worldmusic tech internet blogpost) Kuduro de

linkthink #31892: Dilapknapsack

Dave Stelfox on ‘white reggae’, once reviled, but now taking off around the world | Urban | guardian.co.uk Music “Once reviled, ‘white reggae’ is now taking off all over the world – even in Jamaica. But is it any more than a pale imitation of the real thing? Dave Stelfox investigates” (tags: global reggae race

linkthink #6953: Mate Rituals

rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs half math, half amazing (tags: hip-hop humor visualization charts awesome) Democracy in Dakar : Nomadic Wax documentary re: hip-hop (and democracy) in senegal (tags: hip-hop documentary senegal africa activism politics) We’re not racist, but … – In Depth – theage.com.au re: racism in contemporary australia (tags: race racism

Brandeis :: BEAMS Half Marathon

BEAMS in Concert 8 p.m. Slosberg Music Center The Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio presents new work by grad and undergrad composers from Brandeis and Brown University. The program includes installation and dj pieces from classic tape/instrument compositions to interactive performances. My own contribution: “Nico Concreto (0-3 Months)”

Beat Research :: DJ Refusenik

@ Beat Research, Monday, April 21 >> Refusenik just got back from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he had been living for the past several months. He brought down his killer collection of dance cuts which drove the people crazy when he played at all the clubs and parties, but now he is bringing back a

Beat Research :: DJ Gaetano Fabri

@ Beat Research, Monday, April 14 >> Balkan Beats w/ DJ Gaetano Fabri Based in Belgium and Paris, DJ Gaetano Fabri will be stopping by BR as part of his world tour. He is known for mixing dancefloor beats with the traditional music from the Tzigane or ’Gypsy’ culture. The sounds of East European brass

linkthink #2525: Afro Sheen

African music meets China – Assiko and coupe decale | Museke Coupé Décalé Chinois?!?! (via boima) (tags: africa china ivorycoast coupedecale video blogpost) YouTube – Unreported World: Jamaica: Guns, Votes and Money Part 1 of 3 british documentary on the garissons/gullyside inna kingston (via tomas) (tags: jamaica kingston video youtube documentary violence police politricks) videyoga

Nella Mia Lingua

Last week I gave a guest lecture in a “Global Pop” class at MIT. The professor, Patricia Tang, asked me to come in and do my thing where I show how various genres cohere depending on tempo and rhythmic pattern. It’s a shtick I’ve had going for years, using Ableton (or, previously, FruityLoops) to make

linkthink #1943: hello hipster

“Globalists” Seek Peripheral Sounds – norient.com – independent network for local and global soundscapes new english translation of camilo rocha’s globalistas article (by me, after tweaks by andre albert of google’s machine translation) (tags: worldmusic global ghettotech DJ journalism poco US MTL brazil cumbia tech) Full List of Stuff Educated Black People Like « Stuff

Hip-hop Japanthropology & the End of the Jews

Recently I brought two authors to campus to share their work with my class — that’s the only connection between the two otherwise disparate topics in the title of this post. (Hope I didn’t alarm anyone by implying improbable causal relationships.) … 1. The “hip-hop Japanthropology” was c/o Ian Condry, a professor at MIT who


Tomorrow (Monday) night @ Beat Research, we’re happy to host Boston’s mashup maestro, DJ BC — BC’s been cooking up mashed potatoes for years now, garnering international notoriety with such concept albums as the Beastles, Glassbreaks, Wu-Orleans, and other improbable partners. Although the heyday of the mashup has seemingly passed, with the idea still ubiquitous

Mo’ Memoria

W&W is happy to host another loving nod to Tim Haslett. Namely, the two-hour radio show Brian Coleman did on March 24, prior to our Beat Research tribute. A description and tracklist, from Brian, follows — WZBC “School Beats Tim Haslett Tribute” :: 24 March 2008 [audio:http://wayneandwax.com/wp/audio/coleman-ZBC-haslett-trib.mp3] Back To The Old School and School Beats

Slang Tang

I have to admit, when I first heard MIA sing “slang tang” during the opening salvo on Arular, I found it an awfully clever gesture. And I liked it. A lot. I appreciated the allusion to a classic riddim and the winking rearticulation to describe how the gyal’s (s)language — London calling / speak the

MixxThink #5736: Yip Yip Yip, Uh-huh Uh-huh

muzikmix.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) :: http://www.myspace.com/deejayrasputin “a new 45 min DJ Rasputin mixset with the latest selection of trubaci, chalga, albanian pop, türkish rhythms and gypsy frenzy!” (via blentwell) (tags: mix turkey albania gypsy balkan europea) dj_nron_the_collaborator.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) new mix from comrade n-ron: wide-ranging electro bizniz (tags: mix hip-hop dubstep electro electronic orientalism) videyoga ::

Globalistas’ Pistas

           A couple posts ago I shared some new videos c/o Maga Bo and Ghislain Poirier — two of the transnational bass proponents profiled in Camilo Rocha’s “globalistas” article. It goes without saying that I’m a supporter of what both Bo and Ghis are up to. In partic, I dig their cross-border collaborations, their distinctive

linkthink #95363: Color Guard

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) PALAOA – Livestream streaming sound from the antarctic ocean (via bldblg) (tags: audio science sound soundscape nature antarctica) Canyon Cody el canyonazo, studying music in grenada via fulbright, promises to live-blog the making of an al-andulus inspired album, w/ such collaborators as gnotes, over the month