Pon Pause

Sorry for the relative silence here, dear reader. Extra-bloggical events have been conspiring against any sort of postage — never mind the kind of post-Rio debriefing I’ve been planning to get up here. Among other things: the aforementioned dead laptop, the intense march to the end of the semester, too much travel, including a lovely

Aquarela da Favela, Recuperada!

I’m muito muito feliz to report that although my drive done died, I was able to retrieve my lost Rio pics with the assistance of a very handy program called Klix. & so, I’m able to offer up after all some impressionistic (i.e., blurry ;) shots of the picturesque favela of Vidigal, a warm, welcoming

Dubious Bredren, Soundcrash, & Otra Trenchant Mixxage

While I’m busy reassembling my laptop&life, ‘low me to point u to some niice mixes of recent vintage — >> Gregzinho, who will be rocking the Beat Research labs this coming Monday, brings some Rio heat for his contribution to the blogariddims series, “A Seleção do Gringo,” which offers a personal(ized), self-consciously “outsider,” but well-informed


I was hoping to have quite a post to share with you, as I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Rio. It was gonna be a downright aquarela da favela, complete with some really lovely pics of Vidigal at twilight. (I spent most of Sunday hanging with some kind favelados there.) The sad, sad

I Am Curious! What Beat Does Your Soul Emanate On?

I think a lot of the critical hoo-ha that followed in the wake of SF/J’s miscegenationist broadside could have been averted had we all paid closer attention to the Monkees. Take the following clip, discussed by fellow Riddim Methodist Pacey Foster way back when, in which Charlie Smalls demos the difference between white and black

Just Call Me Mr. Meme Maker

when i say that ghislain poirier is one of my favorite global ghettotechies®, i think i mean that unsardonically, but i’m not sure where that leaves us ghislain’s music, however, usually leaves me grinning if not spinning keep it blazin, g —

Seeking Adobe-Savvy Homie

got a quick request for any of you graphical guys or gals out there — I need help converting some simple sketches of rhythmic patterns into Adobe Illustrator format (ie, eps). If you’re an expert Illustrator®, I imagine this would take all of 15 minutes to do. I can’t pay for your services (unless you’re

Book Review: Michael Veal’s Dub

As promised last week, what follows here is my review of Michael Veal’s recently published book on dub. It won’t appear in print for perhaps another year, which is a little silly and unfortunate, but that’s how it goes. I see no reason, at any rate, not to share it now that it’s written, especially